Prime Minister Thaçi: Kosovo is grateful to all veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army, families of martyrs and war invalids

Prishtina, 15.11.2012

In a solemn ceremony held in the offices of the KLA war societies the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi filled out an application for recognition of the status of KLA veteran.

Accompanied by the MKSF minister, Agim Çeku, after filling out the application, the Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, and former political director of the Kosovo Liberation Army, gave the following media statement, which is presented here in full:

“Today, is a special day in my life, because as one of the co-founders of the Kosovo Liberation Army, I am signing a Kosovo Liberation Army veteran’s application and today, I feel extremely proud that on this 100 year anniversary of the Independence of Albania and the 5 year anniversary of Kosovo’s Independence, we are starting to implement a process of institutional state care for war veterans, so after institutionalizing care for families of martyrs and war invalids, now it is the category of people willing to sacrifice to liberate their country, veterans.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has decided to work to the maximum and I have full confidence that this process will conclude swiftly by the deadline foreseen.

I invite all veterans as Prime Minister and as their co-fighter, to apply so we can successfully conclude this process.

The state of Kosovo is grateful to all Kosovo Liberation Army veterans, families of martyrs, and war invalids.

Kosovo’s liberators are all Kosovo citizens. From today, institutional state care begins for war veterans.

Today, I am at the War Society together with the Minister of the Security Force, Mr. Çeku, my co-fighter, to sign a Kosovo Liberation Army veteran’s application and I feel very proud. Thank you.

The MKSF Minster, and former Chief of the KLA General Staff Agim Çeku, said after filling out an application for KLA veteran status:

“For me, this is also a special feeling, especially since I signed my application form in the presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, former Prime Minister of the Kosovo Provisional Government, the man who appointed me to be head of the KLA General Staff, and a man with whom we have started and ended many processes relating to the war and for the war. All were done successfully. I am happy that we have also started this process together with Mr. Thaçi, my co-fighter, my Prime Minister, and I am sure that like all that went before, we will also complete this process together successfully”.

Meanwhile, the head of the KLA Veterans Society, Muharrem Xhemajli, said that, “The KLA Veterans Organization is honored today that the first applications for war veterans, in the process of verifying war veterans, recognizing the status of Kosovo Liberation Army veterans, martyrs and internees, were filled out and signed by the Director of the Political Directorate of the Kosovo Liberation Army, our co-fighter and the KSF Minister, the former head of the KLA General Staff, who with this symbolism have greatly honored all of us by coming here”.

“We are very proud, because this is a process, as the Prime Minister said, which means that from now onward, veterans will be cared for institutionally by the state.
We cannot say that we have not been cared for up to now, but we did not have direct institutional care. From now onwards, after this verification process, we believe that very soon the Law on KLA War Veterans will be amended, so that all those who contributed to the war, will receive the appropriate institutional treatment by the state” – said Mr. Xhemajli.