The War Veterans Office: pensions for war veterans will increase

Prishtina, 23 February 2010

The following is the Press Statement of Faik Fazliu, the chair of the KLA War Veterans Office, within the OPM, on the institutional care for war disabled persons and veterans.

Based on the Cabinet decision, the decision of Prime Minister Thaçi, as of January 1, 2010, pensions for war categories have increased by almost 100 percent.

On the pension level for disabled persons, pensions for war disabled persons have increased from 120 to 239 euros.

Pensions for those who provide care to war disabled persons have increased from 59 to 120 euros. 

Pensions for families who have lost a family member who was a KLA disabled person have increased from 96 to 191 euros.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has implemented and is implementing a range of projects in an effort to improve the position of the KLA war disabled persons and veterans.

These projects include regulating prosthetics, building houses, health rehabilitation, and providing exemptions from the payment of electricity bills, the payment of student dormitories and cafeterias.